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Working with Overmind Studios on my film “Four Ladies Dancing” was an extraordinary experience. Their artistry and sensitivity to the requirements of my project was exceptional, and I highly recommend their services.
― Rocky Schenck, Director “Four Ladies Dancing”
I have worked with Overmind Studios on a number of projects - online series, short films, feature films and television series. Tobias, André and the team always go above and beyond to deliver wonderful work in a timely manner - and within the budget. I recommend them for VFX on all my projects and every director has been thrilled with the results.
― Melanie Annan, Film and Television Editor
I have had the pleasure of working with Tobias and André on a number of projects over the past 10 years. Their work is always creatively brilliant and thorough regardless of the format or time frame. I’m really looking forward to continuing our collaboration.
― Luke Eve, Director “High Life”, “Mourners Inc.” & “Recancelled”
Tobias and André are masters of visual illusion who carve their way through challenges like VFX Samurai. It meant a lot to work with them on my Pirate short film “YARGH!” as I was confident the work would be of high calibre. Working with Overmind Studios will be an asset to your project that will make the difference between good and excellent results.
― Kris Brown, Director
Overmind Studios did some great work on our project “Dr. Mabuse”, a modern theatrical mash-up of a Fritz Lang classic from 1960. One of the many jobs was to match a modern beverage bottle in Gert Fröbe’s hands. It turned out so perfect that in the end we won the “PropKo 2019”, a product placement award, for it.
― Dominik “Dodokay” Kuhn, Director “Die 1000 Glotzböbbel vom Dr. Mabuse”
Tobi and André are extremely personable, professional and creative while maintaining great work ethic and consistent communication with the client. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is searching for a fantastic VFX team!
― Kris Roselli, Director “Hideout”

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